• Hello, My name is

    Phuoc (Peter) Nguyen

  • I am a

    real Vietnamese

  • I Love

    Coding and Laughing

Who I Am

Let me tell you about my heritage and myself ...

What I Do

And What I Am Capable Of

  • Web Design

    Full Page / Backend / Full Stack

    As one of my hobby, I love design webs and apply new techniques in order to make my products more elegent.

  • Coding

    CMS Modification / Web Apps / Web Scrapers

    I mostly interested in automation tools and optimization, espcially I love applying tricks and tips that are all round into my work to make them more efficient.

  • Blogging

    Pictures / My Life / Tips & Tricks

    I do actually have emotion so I sometimes write blog but mostly code snippets, code explanation, tip and trick or my nostalgia. Every step I walk, I keep recording every moment of my life even though it is just a sign, a rock or a little stream running through Berkeley.

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My work

I Share most of my projects' source code on my Github. You are free to reuse them but do not use them in comercial products. It's nice if you can let me know where and how you are going to use my source code. :)

*** I have made a lot of automation tools, scripts, scrapers but since I was custom-ordered and turned them into comercial products so due to the copyrights, I cannot list them on here. Please let me know I can give you another showcase :) I may blog about them but I cannot list it here :( ***

Recent commercial products: Hotmail Auto Register, Facebook Avatar/Info Changer, Facebook Friends Adder, Auto Join Group ...

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  • Web Design
  • Tool - Software
  • Others

Keep In Touch

Yes, "The end, isn't always the end ..." (Paul), we should keep in touch. You can leave me a message asking me whatever you want, or just simply say "Hi" :)

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Facts About Me

A little bit more about me ...

Phuoc is a junior majoring in Computer Science and he plans to finish the school in Dec 2015. Phuoc has a vast interest in many fields of computer science such as Full Stack, Automation, Testing, ML. When working on a particular project, Phuoc is willing to spend extra hours learning the new language/technique in order to apply to his current project.

Phuoc used to be a web designer so he has experienced in front-end/back-end. Most of his projects were to implement new functionality or to optimize an existing function. Beside, Phuoc was assigned to do some full web-design projects which he needed to consult the customer, layout the work, push the code and report to the manager daily.

Before attending College/University,Phuoc usually spent his free time playing games and earning money via referral programs. During that time, he learnt and applied his knowledge to create some hacks for games or mining the referral programs by using his own-written private auto tools. This became one of his habits, making automation or bot. Up to this time, he has been releasing many bots for free, which were made using Selenium, headless browser, urllib, mechanize, and some other web automation tools.

While attending College/University, Phuoc shapens his skill by learning new technique such as Phonegap, Django, Flask and Mobile Application Design. He also develops his new interest toward Programming Optimization, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence which is shown through his Robot Project.

Phuoc loves to make free tools that can be helpful for the people around him. Mostly his free tools are more about web scraping, automation and unharmful exploit. Phuoc enjoys walking his 2 lovely dogs out during his break time. He also loves fishing and traveling as he has visited: SC, NC, GA, NV, AZ, NY and MD.

And Phuoc is running out of characters, so he wishes you a very nice day!

Skype: nguyenph88